VIP Membership Program

Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

Click & Collect is an online shopping platform exclusively for our VIP members
Online shopping has a minimum spending of $100. If you order online and complete payment before 12:00 noon, you can pick up the goods at the designated store on the following day.

Can Click & Collect provide complimentary delivery service to a designated location?

Click & Collect does not provide a delivery service to the designated location. Orders can be arranged at all A-1 Bakery Group's bakery shops, except for restaurants and Kwai Fong YATA shop.

Can I order all A-1 Bakery products online?

Click & Collect selects up to 100 best-selling product items including our signature bread, cake, spaghetti, sandwiches, snacks and other types.

Can I order all A-1 Bakery, Das Gute and Chateraise cakes online?

We select some of the best-selling A-1 Bakery series and Gute series of cakes for members to order online.

There is temporarily no Chateraise items available for ordering on the website; if members desire to order Chateraise goods, they are required to order in Chateraise directly.

Can Click & Collect order be paid at bakery shops?

VISA and Master credit card are only accepted for payment at the moment.

Is it possible to pick up all goods on the next day if the orders are placed before 12 o'clock?

If you order before 12 noon, the bread, cake, drinks and other goods can be picked up as soon as possible; if you order A-1 Deli products (spaghetti, risotto, sandwiches, snacks, etc.), you are required to place an order 2 days in advance.